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"pressed flowers live forever"

The small company of Blossom’s creates a variety of products such as magnets, bookmarks, spoon holders, flower presses, mobiles, wildflower pictures and many other items all made with real pressed flower blossoms.
We at Blossom’s pick and press all the flowers that we use in our products. We have found the we alone can provide the high quality and beauty of the pressed flowers that we desire.
Our summers are filled with many hours in the gardens cultivating the blossoms that Mother Nature does not provide in the wild. Many days are spent in the heart of the Colorado high country collecting her specimens. Collectively we pick and press over 1 million blossoms that we use in over 85 different products.
Although we work in many different media's the process of creating this botanical art is basically the same. Whether it is a small magnet or a large 16” x 20” wild flower garden picture we start with the background (aspen wood, plywood, handmade paper, lace or other suitable product that will enhance the flower) and place 1 to 100 individual blossoms upon it to create the desired item. All pictures are sealed with an archival quality print guard to protect it from both light and moisture, matted and then glazed and framed to hang on the wall. In the case of magnets and flower presses these products are laid out and then sealed with a decorative epoxy that seals in the embellished flowers. The spoon holders, coasters and mobiles are sealed in a casting resin that protects them from light, heat and moisture.
Because no two flowers are alike each item in our line of products is unique and cannot be duplicated again. We are always working on new ideas and pride ourselves in producing about 35% new items a year. To date we produce 85 different items.
Our prices range from $3.95 to $995.95 so we will fit into almost everybody's pocketbook
Blossoms of the Rockies, Inc.
81 Elkhorn Ct.
Bailey, CO 80421